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tales of awards;

Tales of Awards
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Welcome to talesof_awards, an icontest for the "Tales Of" franchise. Challenges are posted weekly and are open to all community members. Please read over the rules before submitting or voting. This community is also affiliated with tcg_exchange; its members will benefit from participating in this community. Thanks, and have fun!

rules & guidelines
Icons submitted must use images from the "Tales Of" series.
Please join the community before submitting. Voting is open to both members and non-members.
The maximum amount of icons that may be submitted is three (3).
Icons submitted must be newly made by you, and may not be publicly distributed before results are posted.
Any images not officially released by Bandai Namco may not be used. Anthology images are the only exception.
Please refrain from using spoiler images, to respect those who may have not finished a series.
Winners of two weeks in a row are limited to submitting two icons the next week. Likewise, winners of three weeks are limited to submitting one week; winners of four weeks may not submit the following week.

submissions & voting
Icons must be at maximum 100x100 pixels and 40KB.
Please use a free image hosting source, such as Photobucket.
All submission posts are screened. Please submit in the following format:

URL: http://yourimageurl.com
Theme: Word, Image, and/or Lyrical
Notes: (optional) anything the mods should know about your icon.

All voting posts are screened. Please vote in the following format:
1, 2, 3
SC: 4

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ending notes
This icontest is moderated by luxrays. Our bannermaker is reikane. We are currently looking for bannermakers, and the community is open to new ideas for challenges. If you interested in either, please comment on this post.

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